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Yes - Your transaction is refundable in the event a Vendor does not complete the order.
Anyone can register to buy or sell.
On this website obove the header your will see "Login/Register" - follow the link and make your selection. You will be able to register as a normal customer or to become a Vendor.
You can only do this if you are a registered Vendor - You can Manage your Products and Sales - here


a Commision fee of 2% will apply on every succesfull completed order.
Yes - Payment Gateway transaction fee of 3.5%
Flat payout fee Each time you request money to be sent from your iSell account to your bank account, we charge a payout fee of R10.00, regardless of the value of the payout.
Total fees = Admin Fees - Shipping Example: Admin Fees = R279.98 Shipping Fees = R159.00 Total Fees = R119.98


Currently using Postnet Counter to counter services.
Depending on your location, around 2-3 Business days.
Yes - The you can request from the "Vendor" directly.
You may view the rates on this page.


We Use a payment gateway called Payfast, it's completely secure and you will be able to pay via your credit card or instant EFT.
No - Payfast require this from you - You will need an account with them.
Simply request a payout - We only do Bank transfers so you will need to make sure you have provided us with your banking details.

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