Know your vehicle worth!

Start by registering an account at https://mytransunion.co.za Once you are ready, navigate to “Other Products” And finally – Get your Car Value report. Now you will know exactly what your vehicle is worth and not be bullied into selling at anything lower.

Selling Advice.

Beware the Scam! Choosing to sell your motorcycle privately is an exercise that many choose not to undertake, but the allure of getting a better price for their motorcycles may get a few people to try it. However, this comes with a great many pitfalls, and scam artists are number one on that list. Knowing …

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Buyer Advice.

Bike-buying checklist: 1 Paintwork – Check all painted parts carefully. Look for rust on metal parts and for cracks on plastic items. Side panels often have missing mounting-lugs. 2 Chromed bits – Again look for rust. Chromed mudguards are particularly troublesome as they rot from the inside. 3 Wheels and tyres – Check for loose spokes, buckled/damaged wheels …

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